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Ham Bingo

March 22: Ham Bingo - 1:00pm to 3:00pm - Hams and pies can be won.  There will be door prizes for kids, as well as adults.  And, of course, snacks will be provided.











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Each Wednesday we will take a look at the way God shows us His vision, His appearance, His discernment, His hope, His image, His revelation for us and how He carried it out.

Services are as follows:

Ash Wednesday: "Removing the scales, or the sleepy crust?"

March 4: "I was blind, but now I hear just fine. What?"

March 11: "Trick or Treat, What's in the bag?"

March 18: "Is that a pimple or the Grand Canyon?"

March 25: "Some days I can't see past my nose."

April 1: "Your putting drops in my eyes?!"

Maundy Thursday: "How long do I have to wait to see it?"

Good Friday: "My heart sees better with my eyes closed."

Easter Sunrise: Youth Skit

Easter (9am): "All I see is an empty tomb!"

Please come and join us for a warm meal served beginning at 5:30pm and worship at 7:00pm.

Service Times

Please check the Calendarto see the worship, fellowship and serving opportunities at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Sunday School

From 3 to 103, all are invited to Bible Study or Sunday School, Sunday's after service at 10:15am.  Join us in learning of God's love!

Please see calendar for dates.

Radio Ministry

Bethlehem Lutheran Church's 9:00am worship service is broadcast live Sunday mornings on The Wave 104.1 FM.


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